As a producer of high-precision products, our company is aware of environmental impact. We understand nature, society, the economy and each individual company to form part of a global ecological system whose balance and biodiversity are decisive for the continuity of all life. As a business enterprise we acknowledge our special responsibility for preserving our natural environment for future generations. We believe that careful use of natural resources and public goods, such as water, air, soil, flora, and fauna, must be ensured through economical means.
Compliance with environmental obligations and the continuous improvement of our environmental performance form the basis for our responsibility towards the environment, our customers and employees. Our environmental management system is in accordance with ISO 14001.

Environmental Guidelines
  1. The future of mankind, society and the industry hinges on the ecological balance of nature. Therefore, each individual is required to consider his or her actions in context and take responsibility.

  2. In all its entrepreneurial activities, Walter Soehner GmbH & Co. KG is committed to environmental protection. We act from the conviction that this will not cause us any competitive disadvantages on the market.

  3. Within our managerial decisions we take all aspects into account which are relevant for the environment. We support our employees’ autonomous, eco-conscious conduct through practical stimulation and information. Active participation and thinking on the workforce side are important requirements for the implementation of the company’s environmental policy.

  4. Beginning with the conception of work processes and products, Walter Soehner GmbH & Co. KG takes all necessary measures to avoid or eliminate environmental pollution. Environmental impact shall be reduced with the best technology available, to the extent that it is economically feasible.

  5. Environmental protection shall become credible and verifiable through open communication at all company levels, customer and public information as well as cooperation with government agencies. Furthermore, we commit ourselves to performing environmental audits on a regular basis in order to monitor the success of our environmental measures.