As a producer of top-quality, high-precision products, we are aware of the energy input necessary to that end. As a business enterprise, we acknowledge our special responsibility for efficient energy use.
Taking into account economic efficiency and technological innovations, we believe that efficient use of energy leads to increased competitiveness and sustainability of our company.
Continuous improvement of our energy performance forms the basis for our responsibility towards the conservation and efficient use of energy resources. Our energy management system is in accordance with ISO 50001.
Compliance with obligations relevant to energy, energy efficiency, and energy consumption forms the basis for our daily actions.

For the implementation of the energy policy, we commit ourselves to compliance with the following guidelines:
  • The energy policy is documented, communicated and reviewed on a regular basis at all levels of the organization and updated when necessary. This will be implemented within existing communication structures and regular meetings.

  • The improvement of our energy performance is promoted by purchasing energy efficient products and services, and the consideration of energy-relevant aspects in the procurement process.

  • Within strategy and time planning, strategic and operational energy objectives are derived, defined and monitored.

  • Ensuring the availability of information and the resources necessary to achieve the strategic and operational objectives.