In a setting of ever-shortening product cycles and reduced development times, we offer complete design for integration into customer geometries together with plastic-appropriate design of individual components and assembly groups. This way, we guarantee that our many years of experience in processing all conventional high-performance plastics are incorporated into every individual piece, from the very first development steps.

The varied manufacturing steps are optimised by our specialists in terms of quality and cost-effectiveness during the development phase in the form of a process layout. The results are then incorporated directly into the product or process design.

Together with a material selection tailored to the requirements of each individual function, we produce high-quality and cost-effective products. Processes that are tailored securely and specifically to the product demands create constant quality and guarantee a high degree of cost-effectiveness.

Project Management

Our project management team is involved as a central tool, even during customer inquiries. This allows us to achieve a smooth start to the project and ensures a consistent flow of information throughout the entire project. The project manager is the reliable point of contact for our customers, from the start of the project through to its completion. A decisive factor is our process-oriented structuring in project management, which ensures the project is handled successfully in terms of deadline, quality and costs.